Nike Golf’s Lunar Bandon shoe designed to perform in all kinds of weather

Nike Golf continues to produce some of the better golf shoe line in the industry. That wasn’t always the case, but the company certainly has hit its stride (pardon the pun) in the past year or so.

Nike Golf's Lunar Bandon shoe

The latest example is the Nike Lunar Bandon, which the company says is designed to take on harsh weather. The Nike Lunar Bandon, which bears a bit of a resemblance to Nike Golf’s outstanding TW 13 Free show worn by Tiger Woods, is flexible, lightweight is crafted to keep feet warm and dry for athletic competition in any condition.

Nike Golf calls the Lunar Bandon the “the ultimate mudder,” basically because it has a higher silhouette to work in concert with the rain pants.

Nike Golf says a booty tongue construction catches any water that could breach the upper when putting on the shoes, keeping feet as dry as possible.

The Lunar Bandon will be available Oct. 1 and will carry a shelf price of $139.99.



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