Nicklaus on long putters: What’s the big deal?

Jack Nicklaus’ thoughts regarding the growing popularity of long putters and belly putters is simple:

Jack Nicklaus

“Still got to knock it in the hole.  That’s the only way I look at it,” the Golden Bear said at this week’s Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. “I’m not offended by it.  I always feel like the game is a game that is a very difficult game to start with.  You try to figure out, how do you get the ball in the hole.”

As long (pardon the pun) as the putter is legal by the Rules of Golf, Nicklaus said, he has no problem with it.

“How many majors have been won with these putters?  I guess Keegan uses one.  Is he the only one that’s ever won a major (2011 PGA Championship) with that?” Nicklaus said. “I don’t have an issue one way or the other with it.  I just don’t see the big deal about it.”


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  1. Dkotalic

    I agree with Jack — the object is to get the ball in the hole. If only 2 people have won with it why do we have to talk about it all the time. If we are going to say the 2 who have won did so because of their belly putters then why don’t we report on everyone else who wins and their putters. Just seems like it’s headline news for the belly putter and the standard is not given the same press. I think that is why everyone is running to their local golf store and buying them. IMHO


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