Tiger Woods says swing “is getting better”


Tiger Woods solved his swing problems with this answer at yesterday’s AT&T National media day:

“What Butch (Harmon) wanted me to do is different from what Hank (Haney) wants me to do or did or what Sean (Foley) wants me to do.”

Tiger Woods

Too many cooks?

Woods, of course, doesn’t believe that’s the case.

“The problem with Sean is that I was hurting most of last year,” the Striped One said. “So I didn’t get the number of reps or the time to spend to work on my game. Now it’s starting to come.  I’ve had some pretty good results this year.  Not great results, but it’s getting better and it’s getting more consistent.

“That’s something that I have to look at in the big picture, the changes that I’ve made and how long it takes and how many reps it takes.  Eventually, it does (become) see the shot, hit the shot.  But it’s all within what your coach wants you to do.”

You would think one day Eldrick will ask himself what he wants.

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