Tiger Woods is back – at least for this week

Earlier in the week at The Memorial Tournament, Jack Nicklaus talked about a golfer, specifically Tiger Woods, owning his golf swing.

Woods wins in dramatic fashion

“I think it’s very important for any golfer to understand who they are and what they can do and how they swing and how they can best be their own teacher,” Nicklaus said.

Maybe Woods learned something from that statement that helped him win the Memorial today for his second PGA Tour victory of the year. But it’s more likely he’s getting more comfortable with his swing and his student-teacher relationship with Sean Foley.

And while the Striped One’s chip-in for birdie at No. 16 today was vintage Eldrick, Woods said the seeds of his victory were planted on a recent trip to the Olympic Club, site of the U.S. open in less than two weeks.

“I went out and played Olympic, I hit the ball well there,” Woods said. “I said, ‘hey, that’s as good a prep as any for this event, if I can hit the ball well there.  I just basically carried that into this event and hit it great all week.”

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