Stricker working on putting set up to prepare for U.S. Open

Tiger Woods’ victory at The Memorial makes the Striped One the favorite at next week’s U.S. open at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, but here’s another name to keep in mind: Steve Stricker. At age 45 and ranked No. 11 in the world, Stricker might be the current best player who has not won a major.

Steve Stricker

In the U.S. Open, where accuracy off the tee and  good short game is mandatory for success, Olympic might be Stricker’s best chance at a major this year.  To help prepare for the U.S. Open, Stricker has been working with his putting setup.

“My setup has gotten off a little bit, ball position.  Grip pressure, I’ve been messing with that, too,” said Stricker, who uses an Odyssey White Hot #2 putter. “My stroke really doesn’t change.  It’s been something pretty small, I think.

“Then it affects your confidence a little bit.  Then your focus is thinking about the wrong thing.  You’re thinking about your stroke instead of trying to think about the line, where you want the ball to start, the speed, all the stuff you need to be thinking about. “

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