Els likes his belly putter but won’t mind if it’s banned

Great interview by John Hugan with Ernie Els in the July 15 Scotsman. Preparing for this week’s British Open, the Big Easy talked about his putting (and belly putter).

Ernie Els

“I can’t deny that the belly putter been great for me,” Els told Huggan. “It has been a great apparatus for me to use in my struggles. But I certainly won’t be complaining if the authorities ban it. It isn’t the way golf is supposed to be played. And if they ban it, that will be fine with me.”

Els, who made the switch to a belly putters (Odyssey White Hot) in the summer of 2011, said it him keep the path of the putter head through and after impact.

“Especially under pressure – and when you get into your 40s – it gets harder to release the putter through the ball,” Els said. “Whether it is your hands or your mind, something says ‘nah’ and you end up steering putts more than stroking them. But the belly putter definitely helps me with that. I’m not sure it makes me a better putter, but it surely gives my stroke more of a flow on the proper path.”


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