John Daly makes it look easy in Vegas

It’s always fun to see John Daly in the hunt on the PGA Tour. Long John’s 63 yesterday at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open at the TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas gives the event a little more visibility and intrigue. It helps, no doubt, that Summerlin  is among the easier courses on Tour, but Daly, a two-time major champion, says it doesn’t matter.

John Daly's short-gane is underrated

“Easy or hard, if you’re hitting it good you can score well,” Daly said.

I’ve always believed the same thing. It’s interesting how players, especially average players, judge the quality of a course by it difficulty. Easy or difficult, I think, you’re swing doesn’t know the difference.

“On any tour, you know, anymore it’s just putting,” Daly said. “If you make some putts you can play really well.  This course gives you a lot more opportunities than most courses. If you hit the fairways, you’re not hitting a lot of long irons into the par‑4s.  You got a lot of wedges into certain things, so that makes it a little bit easier.”

Still, Daly said, “golf ain’t easy.”


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