Tiger Woods not worried about taking his time with swing changes

Tiger Woods is looking for his 15th major championship this week at The Masters

I’m not sure if it’s part of being the “new’’ Tiger Woods, but the Striped One doesn’t seem nearly as concerned about the time it’s taking to adjust to his new swing changes as the rest of the world heading into this week’s Masters.

“It just takes time,’’ Woods said today at Augusta National Golf Club, ”It took a long time with Butch Harmon and it took a long time with Hank (Haney) and so far it’s taken a long time with Sean (Foley).’’

Anybody else see a pattern here? Speaking of patterns…

“It’s taken a long time to develop the patterns and know what the fixes are,’’ Woods said. “ I’m finally starting to shape the ball both ways and being able to fix it if I don’t. It’s just a totally different philosophy than what I was employing before.’’

Woods said he and Foley, who has caught a lot of heat for not turning around the former world No. 1 quickly enough, have “changed a lot.’’

“From stance to grip to where the club is, where he believes the club needs to be throughout the entire golf swing, and obviously what the body is doing,’’ Woods said. “That’s way different than what I used to do. And that’s been a difficult change. The grip part I got pretty quickly. The posture I got pretty quickly.  The other stuff has been more difficult.’’

It’s been a long time since the last major victory for Woods, that being the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines, but if you see it from the viewpoint of player and coach then success in one of this year’s majors would make the time investment a hugely valuable one.

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