Ping introduces new groove technology in Tour Gorge wedge

When it comes to weges, few companies do it as well as Ping Golf. The company’s new Tour wedge features what Ping calls “Gorge Groove Technology,” designed to maximize spin and control. So much the USGA’s conforming grooves rule.

Ping's new Tour Gorge wedge

Ping says the grooves, milled at its Phoenix plant (very cool to visit), allows machinists to hold very tight tolerances and to monitor every groove variable: top-edge radius, width, depth, spacing, and wall angle.

“We believe this to be the best-performing groove design in the industry,” said Ping Chairman John Solheim. “By taking the unprecedented step of bringing the groove milling process entirely in-house, we’re able to ensure the highest quality and performance.”

Tour wedges are available in three sole widths to accommodate different swing styles and playing conditions: the WS (Wide Sole); the TS (Thin Sole), and the SS (Standard Sole).

“This is another opportunity to help the golfer find the wedge that fits their game based on their angle of attack and the course conditions they play most often. Each of the options allows the golfer to open up the face and play any type of shot they want in a given situation,” Solheim said.


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