GolfTEC offering Personal Club Fitting and more…

Golf Tec Coach Andy Hilts (right) with student Chris Neylan

Personal club fitting is a good way to start improving your game, but there to game improvement. With that in mind, GolfTEC- a leader in golf instruction – is featuring good deal to get golfers ready for their summer games and beyond. It’s a Personal Club Fitting and a high-tech Swing Evaluation for free.

Available from the nearly 160 improvement centers in the U.S. and Canada between May 10 and June 18, the offer gives golfers of all skill levels the opportunity to start on the path of improvement for only $99. That’s the standard price for a 60-minute Personal Club Fitting, but for six weeks it also includes a Swing Evaluation with a GolfTEC ( Certified Personal Coach and the company’s proprietary computer software.

Normally the Swing Evaluation alone would cost from $169 to $195, depending on the market. Where do I sign up?

“Our research shows that golfers need both the Swing Evaluation and the Personal Club Fitting, so we put them together,” said GolfTEC Chief Operating Officer Mike Clinton, a former teaching professional. “And we let the customer choose which he or she wants to do first – fix the swing or fix the clubs.”

GolfTEC’s club-matching system uses each center’s in-house launch monitors to analyze the golfer’s launch conditions, such as swing speed and launch angles, and compares them with a database of thousands of club specifications from all major manufacturers to recommend as many as 10 possible fits.

“Our club matching promises the most combinations without any bias,” Clinton said. “Our goal is to get the right clubs into the player’s hands. But it goes beyond the technical elements: Our coaches provide a professional touch including an in-depth interview with the golfer to understand the player’s swing, goals, and personal preferences.”

All GolfTEC coaches, Clinton said, offer a seamless integration of fitting and lessons.

“That applies to all golfers regardless of handicap and skill level,” Clinton said. “Everyone can benefit from custom-fitting, just as everyone who wears a suit can benefit from having it custom-tailored to his or her body.

“And custom-fit does not mean expensive. Even when we special-order clubs from the major companies – we work very closely with TaylorMade, Ping, Callaway, Adams, Mizuno and others. Many times the price is the same as what those clubs cost off the rack. But they are perfectly fit to you.”

Based on research from GolfTEC as well as the equipment manufacturers, Clinton said 80 to 90 percent of all students are carrying at least one misfit club. The usual suspects aren’t surprising. Putters that are too long, drivers with not enough loft, driver shafts that are too stiff, and too many long irons in the bag.

“You want golfers who make a good swing to be rewarded with golf ball flight,” Clinton said. “A good swing and properly-fit clubs work hand in hand, which is why we are offering the Person Club Fitting and Swing Evaluation together for just $99. They are the core elements that help people play better golf.”

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