looks to change the way drivers are tested


If you’re one of those golfers who can’t get enough of testing new equipment, then might be for you. It’s sort of the “Netflix” of golf.

Want to trade this driver for another? claims to be first online site to give golfers the opportunity to select, test and swap their drivers. For a monthly membership fee beginning at $24.95 per month, the company says golfers can new drivers as soon as they hit the market. All top brands, according to, are offered and almost every manufacturer’s driver is included in the product line-up.

Sounds like it might be better than banging balls on the range or in some big box store’s hitting bay for hours on end.

“We created to revolutionize the way golfers identify and select the best driver that works for them and the only way to do this is to test and play in real conditions with a number of models before the perfect match is
found,” says Lorne Fierbach, CEO of  “Why pay $400 for a top driver only to learn that the club really doesn’t feel right or perform? With one of our membership packages everyone now can try out the best brands to
find the right club for their game. members might decide to keep one driver all season and swap the following year for the newest model.”

Golfers interested in joining can visit the website and select a membership category:  Birdie, Hole-in-One or Eagle.  Each membership tier offers different benefits and club choice options.

Membership in goes as high as $39.95 per month, or members can sign up for quarterly packages.  Golfers not interested in a membership can join through a “Rent Only” option.

“We want golfers to rethink how they see the driver in their bag.  There is no need to purchase one because we allow golfers to have whatever driver they want, for as long or short a time as needed.  We offer flexibility and simplicity,” Fierbach said. “We’re providing a unique service as part of the industry effort to help grow the game, and making golfers happy is something we easily can accomplish.” says it will be offering right-handed men’s drivers with plans to introduce other clubs for men and women.


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