Forward or back? USGA needs to make up its mind

Somebody needs to explain this to me: Working under the (correct) assumption that most amateur golfers play from the wrong sets of tees – usually farther back than necessary – the USGA is touting the “Tee It Forward” initiative that encourages them more forward tees.
The USGA even has a video featuring Tom Watson extolling the virtues of “Tee it Forward.”

Tom Watson

Here’s my problem: At the same time the USGA is telling people to “Tee it Forward,” it’s also looking into rolling back the distance on today’s high-tech golf balls. The (wrong) assumption being that players’ distance has increased so much thanks to the golf balls that many golf courses will soon be obsolete. Jack Nicklaus said the same thing earlier this week at The Memorial in Dublin, Ohio.

The USGA, of course, claims it has in mind the best interests of all players and courses, not just those on the PGA Tour.

So which is it? “Tee it Forward” or roll back the ball? You can’t have it both ways. But I guess if you’re the USGA, it doesn’t hurt to try.


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