Latest on GPS and Laser Range Finders from a Digital Yardage Freak

To be more specific, here’s what you get with the new Bushnell Hybrid, according to a writer for, Larry Olmsted. Hint: It’s a best-of- both-worlds summation. As you may know from reading Larry’s golf columns in USA Today, he doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to dialing yardage devises. He starts his column on with the simple statement: “You really can have it all with the new Bushnell Hybrid.”
His current little essay on the new Bushnell pin-seeking technology starts off acknowledging the fact that GPS systems and laser rangefinders are both nice additions to the golf landscape. Followers of Olmsted’s writings know that he has taken it upon himself to test all these gizmos out and give the rest of us the skinny.
Here’s the full post on this golf product for people who better be pretty accurate with their irons (otherwise the planning data can never be matched by similar-quality shot execution!)

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  1. Casey Alexander

    This is simply a case of the GPS guys conceding that laser is more accurate. A GPS is excellent for locating Walmart, but not so great at pinpointing aisle 8 at Walmart.


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