ECCO is on top of the world with World Class shoe line

ECCO is on top of the world with its world class line of shoes

When most golfers search for new technology to improve their games, rarely do they consider golf shoes as a part of their equipment. However, a good golf swing usually starts from the bottom up; without a strong foundation and balance game improvement is difficult. With the advancement s in shoe technology and the growing number of manufacturers offering shoes with various sole designs and even different types of leathers, each company proclaims their technology is the answer to more stability and comfort during the golf swing.

One company that has seen a huge spike in interest in the past several years is the Dutch shoe manufacturer ECCO, a brand that is known for comfort, stability and great quality. Most recently, ECCO has had great success with its Street shoe that boasts a spikeless sole that provides the golfer with great stability and, even more important, some much-needed comfort that can be lacking from “traditional’’ golf shoes.

The ECCO Biom line takes the comfort to another level with the use of yak leather that conforms to the golfer’s foot providing unparalleled comfort. These shoes, however, might not appeal to every customer as they do not have the traditional golf shoe look.

Regardless, ECCO has been able to design the best of both with traditional styling and superior comfort. Albeit one of the most expensive shoes on the market, with retail price of $450.00 dollars, the ECCO World Class might just be the best shoe on the market. ECCO claims that the shoe has a classic look that is crafted with high quality leather, has a water-repellent outsole and GORE-TEX, which is great in all conditions.

I tried a pair of these recently and my initial thought was how rigid and firm the shoes were, considering I have been wearing the Biom shoe line for quite some time. The change took me a few rounds to adjust, but I was not the only one adjusting – the ECCO World Class shoe also began to change and mold to my feet. After a couple of rounds the shoe felt very stable and did not sacrifice any feel. I recommend any golfer who is looking to make an investment in their game look no further than the ECCO World Class golf shoe.

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