Nike’s Hyperadapt Storm-FIT rain suit dry and comfortable


I’m generally not a big fan of playing in the rain. Anything more than a prolonged drizzle leaves me looking to another day. But with Nike Golf’s new Hyperadapt Storm-FIT rain suit, a downpour no longer worries me.

Nike Golf's Hyperadapt Storm-FIT jacket

Nike Golf’s Hyperadapt Storm-FIT jacket

The Hyperadapt Storm-FIT, in fact, is the most comfortable rain suit (pullover jacket and pants) I ihave ever worn. The half-zip jacket (suggested retail price $240) and pants (suggested retail price $190) each slip on and off easily, as opposed to some that you have to wrestle, and each has a great feel and fit. I have no problems at all swinging, bending or walking in the Hyperadapt Storm-FIT suit, which has a sort of quiet elegance.

If you don’t want to take my word, consider that Nike Golf staffer Paul Casey won this year’s Irish Open  in winds gusting up to 35 mph and heavy showers wearing a Hyperadapt Storm-FIT rain suit.

Nike Golf worked with Casey and other staff players to test and tweak the Hyperadapt jacket technology, which stretches well and has an impenetrable outer layer that keeps you dry. Just as important, the Hyperadapt Storm-FIT jacket keeps you comfortable. It doesn’t get all bunched while you’re walking down the fairway and you don’t have to tug on the sleeves and collar to keep them out of your way.

That’s thanks to a what Nike Golf calls a “no-sew” technology technology throughout the inner layer that minimizes chaffing and a four-way stretch system in the shoulders and arms that maximizes mobility and eliminates restrictions during the swing.

In other words, you can worry about your swing and not whether or not your jacket is going to catch on your backswing. That won’t happen with a properly fit Hyperadapt jacket.

The Hyperadapt Storm-FIT pants are equally as comfortable and performance friendly. The pants, which feature a button front and zipper fly, easily slip over you golf shoes and give you great range of motion. Two different button eyelets at the ankle allow for an adjustable hem, meaning you won’t be trip over you cuffs.

Get a Nike Golf Hyperadapt Storm-FIT rain suit and go play in the rain. The industry can use the rounds-played number. And you will stay dry.

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