Getting a grip with HIRZL golf gloves

SOFFFT Flex glove

Gary Sheppard, president and CEO of HIRZL North America, likes to tell the story about how a golfer liked his HIRZL glove so much that when he lost it on the course one day, he looked for it for 20 minutes. That’s impressive testimony to be sure.

Here’s my testimony: This past fall I played five rounds in four days – in dry and damp conditions – with a HIRZL SOFFFT Flex golf glove. The glove looked and felt the same after the fifth round as it did before the first round. If I hadn’t lost the glove earlier this year, no doubt I’d still be wearing it.

The reason for HIRZL’s durability is on the glove’s kangaroo leather. HIRZL, according to Sheppard, is the only glove company that uses kangaroo leather.

“It’s very expensive got it has two properties that are really essential,” Sheppard said. “It’s a very tough, durable hide – one of the most durable hides there is – so it’s not prone to get any thin sections or wear and tear like  normal golf glove;  No. 2 is kangaroo leather is very soft and supple hide, so it always stays soft and supple in your hand.”

That’s important because we all can relate to golf gloves that dry out and flake up in your golf bag.

The other thing I like about HIRZL gloves is their grip. That is, a wet grip doesn’t slip and slide in your hand when wearing a HIRZL glove.

“We define ourselves in a different category of golf glove,” Sheppard said. “We’re not a golf accessory but a piece of performance equipment because of our grip technology. Put your hand on any grip and you’re going to feel like your hand will stick to that grip. Most gloves, if they get wet, are useless. Our glove when it gets wet sticks even better to the grip.”

HIRZL certainly has a grip on me.


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