Nike Golf’s Method putter plays bigger than it looks (VIDEO)

With its D-shaped head and bright red color, there’s no mistaking Nike Golf’s Method Concept putter on greens. The Method Concept might be the eye-catching putter on the market these days – one that has a unique shape but doesn’t go overboard with that shape.

The concept (pardon the pun) in the Method Concept putter is simple: A putter with smallish face and a large Moment of Inertia for forgiveness on off-center putts.

Nike's Method Concept putter

“It plays much bigger than it actually looks,” said Tom Stites, director of product creation for Nike Golf.

The Concept features an aluminum body with one-third of the putter’s weight up front and two-thirds in the steel ring on the back side. The deeper weight is designed to give the putter more stability that translates into a truer roll. What I like about it the most, however, is that the heavier weighting makes it easier for me to square up the putter head at address.

The Concept has the same polymetal groove insert as in other Method putters. The grooves are designed to grab the ball at impact and get it rolling faster along the target line.

Watch and listen as Stites, who once designed clubs for Ben Hogan, go through the technology behind the Method Concept putter as well as Nike Golf’s new VR_S metal woods.



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