Miura’s New K Grind Wedges are Anything But a Grind to Hit . . .

If you believe the “data,” more than 60% of golf shots are hit within 100 yards– and I assume that means within 100 yards of the green, because all shots are hit within 100 yards of something, even my recovery shots from various parking lots, ponds, landfills, and medium-security facilities.  What this info is telling us is that wedges are the most important club in your bag.

This year revered, Samurai-precise Japanese club manufacture Miura Golf debuted is new K Grind Wedges, each lovingly made by the hand of a golf craftsman.

The sole of the club is oddly yet attractively fluted with impressions that appear to have come from fingertips or knuckles.  These three channels reduce resistance against the club in sand, thick rough, and even on the fairway so that it accelerates through the shot with less effort, improving the odds– even for me– of hitting a good shot.

I tested them recently at Heron Lakes Golf Club in Portland, Oregon– one of the best munis on the planet– with Director of Marketing Ross Liggett.  Liggett, a 2-handicap, took one swing and yelled out, “Butter!”  Once he calmed down a little he explained, “It’s like the ball’s not even there!”

My shots also rose high and straight and even confidently with virtually no effort.  I thought I could actually FEEL the ball spinning as it launched, and had no trouble picturing the bite and backward moonwalk it would do upon hitting a green.

I’ll be looking forward to hitting a few more of Miura’s wedge series soon . . .

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