Adams Golf’s Super LS hybrid delivers distance and forgiveness

Adams Golf continues to create some of the more playable hybrids on the market. Case in point is the new Super LS hybrid that has a titanium face and crown, stainless steel sole and VST (Velocity Slot Technology) incorporated in both the crown and sole.

Adams Golf's new Super LS hybrid

Those elements create what Adams says is it’s “hottest) hybrid ever and after hitting it a couple rounds, I agree. Even if you don’t hit hybrids well, you should try the Super LS (suggested retail price ($349.99) when it becomes available late month.

 For average players, it’s easier to hit than steel-faced hybrids, long and perhaps more important, forgiving. I hit several shots of the face of my 19-degree Super LS, for example, and the ball stayed straight and true. When I hit the ball in the center of the club, carried around 200 yards with a high (but not too high) trajectory.

 If you’re looking for a new club to start 2013, the Adams Super LS might be the one.

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