Review: Adams Super S hybrid

Adams new super s hybrid

Because TaylorMade-adidas Golf owns Adams Golf, it’s not a surprise that the two companies’ clubs look alike.  The new Adams line of hybrids (as well as drivers and metal woods) each now feature a white crown just as the TMaG line of clubs.

The Adams Super S hybrid features the word “Super” in large red letters in the crown, which for me, cheapens the look of the golf club. Traditional to the Adams line of metal woods, the club features a compression slot on the top of the crown, which is designed to generate higher ball speeds and longer distance. The Super S has a larger than normal head with regards to other manufactures hybrids; this is also a departure because the club resembles a small fairway wood rather than a hybrid.

The Super S hybrid performs for me just as any other hybrid on the market. It’s easy to hit and has a solid feel. I am, however, sensitive to the aesthetics of a golf club and for my tastes, the club is a bit off.  The white crown and “Super” lettering, for me, are distractions

Overall, the performance of the club is good but not overwhelming. It’s a nice, solid golf club, but just not for me.

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