Silver Anniversary for a Set of Hogan Apex Irons

By that I mean a guy’s been playing the same set of Hogan blades for 25 years, not that Ben Hogan Golf is issuing a commemorative set for purchase. The golfer is Tim Nolan a writer on, our affiliate website.

With obvious affection, Tim writes:

“The clubs, 1986 Hogan Apex blades, are, like their namesake, severe-looking and unforgiving of a bad shot.  They’ve always been a little more than I can handle.  But I’d played a few sets of sloppy-feeling clubs, and I wanted to go with blades.  That meant the Apex, the Staff, or the beautiful, pretty much forgotten Palmer Peerless. The Apex woods were shortlived.  The 5-wood cracked, a replacement cracked, and I was told to forget it: persimmon was in short supply, was being harvested too early, and couldn’t stand the gaff.  I put the wooden woods away and bought a metal driver.”

Read the rest of his story here:

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