Martin Kaymer’s Neck-warmer thingy is called Buff Headwear

It got chilly in the Arizona desert while Martin Kaymer was trying to prove his World No. 1-ness by defeating Luke Donald at the WGC-Accenture Match Play. Donald held him off to take the title, but the two players got so much air time it naturally began to truly bother many viewers that they didn’t know what exactly Kaymer had around his neck–and, at times, pulled up over his nose.

Well, if you were a snowboarder or a fisherman or hunter you may have easily recognized it as Buff brand tubular headwear/neckwear. Like so much of the more popular outerwear and accessories purchased for outdoor sports, this product doesn’t weight much or take up much space, but it still packs a lot skin protection power. Apparently, the Buff item that Kaymer sported can be worn 12 different ways. As a neck gaiter and a face mask for the otherwise underdressed Kaymer, it seemed to shield him quite nicely from raw winter air–although its skin-protection effect also works under a fierce summer sun. These little wonders come in a wide array of colors and patterns. The style Kaymer wore is called the “Black Fly” and is apparently seen very commonly on the trout streams when fly-fishing season opens.

So now you know.

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