Space Odyssey

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When helping golfers, I always remind my students they are engaging in a sport which is designed to be played with a circular movement. A baseball swing, side-arm throw, a forehand in tennis and your golf swing, must move in a pure circular motion. Oftentimes we hear advice such as, “swing down the target line,” when in fact an online or straight line movement is the worst thing you could do when playing a sport built on an arc.

If you only know one thing about good golf, it should be that, “straight swings hit curved shots and curved swings hit straight shots.”

To get reconnected with your circle, imagine that your head and torso represent the sun or the constant “center” of the solar system. Make some swings with the club head elevated, as if you were striking a ball “baseball style.” As your head remains steady, notice how your club head and hands swing in a pure arc around your center, as if they were planets circling the sun.

Gradually bend over until the club head clips the turf and you will have a poweful swing built on a perfect arc for effortless hits!

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Artwork originally seen in Golfpunk Magazine

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