Are You Addicted To Sugar?

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Take the Quiz!

Just about every addiction has its handy questionnaire that you will likely lie on the first time through. If you take this quiz while eating a donut or drinking a soda, then you’re clearly addicted and you don’t have to finish the quiz. Good luck to the rest of you!

1. I don’t eat refined or processed sugar every day… TRUE/FALSE

2. I can go more than a day without eating sweets… T/F

3. I never have cravings for sugar (chocolate, donuts, etc.)… T/F

4. I never hide sweets around the house so I can eat them later… T/F

5. I can stop after eating one bite of pastry or one piece of candy… T/F

6. I usually don’t have sugary foods or drinks around the house… T/F

7. I can have sweets in the house without eating them… T/F

8. I can go at least 3 hours without eating and feel still have energy… T/F

9. I do not eat something sweet after every meal… T/F

10. I rarely drink sweetened beverages or eat sweets for breakfast… T/F

11. I can go more than an hour after waking without eating… T/F

12. I don’t drink sweetened soft drinks every day… T/F

Answer Key
4 or more FALSE = Sugar Addict
1-3 FALSE = Pre-Sugar Addict
0 FALSE = Liar or Non Sugar Addict

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