Smart Goals For The New Year!

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A new year has arrived and it’s time to create intentions for daily improvements that will inspire successful life changes.

Now that the ball has dropped, take the time to create some simple intentions to kick off the new year on the right foot. Keep in mind, it’s the little things that produce the biggest results. Start with small changes that are easy to impliment and, before you know it, you’ll be accomplishing everything on your list with ease.

Make sure you get specific. Focusing on vague goals, such as “I want to lose weight” are sure to fail. Start with a clear intention and outline how you’re going to impliment your new purpose daily. Choose intentions that are doable and enjoyable, because that’s what will in the end make them sustainable.

Follow the 3 CNK tips below for intention setting success!

1. Set Your Intention

What are you going to do?

I am going to…
Ex 1: eat more vegetables.
Ex 2: practice yoga.
Ex 3: lose weight by eating healthier foods.

2. Get Specific 

When and where are you going to do it?

I am going to…
Ex 1: eat 2 cups of vegetables at every meal.
Ex 2: take a yoga class at X studio every Sunday at 11AM.
Ex 3: lose 15 pounds by June 1st, by learning how to grocery shop smarter and cook more whole foods.

3. Take Action

How are you going to implement this into your daily life now?

I am…
Ex 1: cooking vegetables in bulk 1 day a week so that I have 2 cups of vegetables to enjoy at every meal.
Ex 2: signing up for a yoga class every Sunday at 11AM.
Ex 3: signing up for a CNK Program so I can learn how to shop for healthier foods and learn how to cook them.

More Intention Examples

  • I will eat more whole foods and less processed products by grocery shopping twice a week.
  • I will get more sleep by going to bed 30 minutes earlier every night.
  • I will cook easy recipes in bulk so I have plenty of leftovers for my breakfast, lunch and dinners during the week.
  • I will spend 5 minutes before bed writing in my gratitude journal.
  • I will make more time for fun, friends and family by cooking dinner on Sundays with family/friends.


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