“You’re A Liar!”



Most everyone I know is a liar or has been. I have been too.

As a coach, I hear folks tell their lies all the time. What’s more I have my own and that’s why I currently have three coaches!

So what am I referring to you, no doubt you are asking. The answer would be that little voice inside your head that one time or another, or more likely all the time tells you that you’re not enough. It’s too late. It screams or whispers to you constantly that you are limited. It will convince you that you’re not worthy enough, to be careful, and to not bite off more than you can chew.

Isn’t it about time that you tell that little voice to SHUT UP?

I’ll bet that you wake up every morning and do what you believe you can do, what’s possible. We ignore those things we don’t think are possible. This creates Step One in our failure to achieve our potential as we only do what they believe we can do.

Step Two in the failure model is that we only believe we can do what we’ve done before.

Can you see how this two-step model doesn’t leave much opportunity for progress? Can you see how this puts you on the treadmill of “Groundhog Day?” Can you begin to appreciate why this is a lie?

It is likely that your little voice developed its content with the help of a guardian when you were very young. The guardian (Mom, Dad, or someone else) cared about you, though “worry” would be a more fitting word. What that means is that they were coming from a position of fear – fear that you might not turn out the way they hoped. This voice of authority soon became your voice. The process repeats itself every generation.

There is the quotation by the painter Vincent van Gogh that points to the solution of how to quiet your voice and stop telling those lies.

“If you hear a voice within you saying ‘I am not a painter,’ then, by all means, paint… and that voice will be silenced.”

Whenever you hear that voice lying to you, JUST DO IT! Van Gogh’s voice or yours may try to interrupt, but you’ve already done it. Van Gogh painted and painted and painted.

What might you be doing? What is the dream or desire, you’ve been overlooking or discounting because of some lie you’ve been telling yourself for decades?

Folks hire coaches like me, or personal trainers, consultants who are, in effect, story-busters. I don’t care about your limiting story. I can see better things for you and will call you on your lies. Believe me, my coaches do the same for me.

Maybe you can’t hire me, but you might get inspired by a “hero.” Ask yourself, what would my hero do in this circumstance? Inspiration can wake us out of our self-limiting lies – our hypnotic stories.

Just do it! Before your old, limiting voice can tell you can’t, you’ve already done it. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING – AND THAT’S EXCITING!


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