Manifesting Now


The Law of Attraction gets many headlines, is a valid law of the Universe, and yet has been typically misunderstood by most to be able to use it to best advantage.

Here’s a good example. You state, write, or quietly/loudly affirm, “I am going to accomplish, receive, be, etc. …..” That is what Law of Attraction coaches typically espouse – to clearly state what you want to attract. Here’s the problem. Every time we phrase something into the future as in “going to,” we move energy further and further away from us. This use of the future tense delays any manifestation.

Here is a finer point that you should consider. Instead, use the present tense and speak as if you KNOW the action to already be happening or even occurred – something you already have. You see, the ego serves as our gatekeeper and awaits to make us right. It organizes energy to affirm our stories. The future is nebulous and gives the ego little to grasp.

Instead, you might phrase things something more like “I am so pleased, excited, happy, etc. that _____ is already empowering and helping others or whatever,” but the key is “already” and not “going to.” This allows us to bypass our past programming and also quickly bypass the ego thus creating an entire new landscape. This becomes the new now and the future is waiting for us to direct it.

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