Quick Two-Minute Spiritual Check-Up

When you are spiritually happy, you are closer to your “higher” or best self.  When you deviate, you feel angst and your body may evidence “dis-ease.”   Things may just not seem to be working for you.

Here are five quick questions that may help you regain your alignment.

1.     Am I avoiding people or fellowship?  Often when under what we perceive as stress or duress, we withdraw or let ourselves dwell with negative self-talk.

2.     Am I forgiving of myself and others?  All forgiveness is essentially self-forgiveness.  Am I holding something back or blocking the flow of love?

3.     Am I living in the moment or am I worried about the future and still preoccupied by the past?  A productive life is filled with a series of “presents” in both senses of the word.  Am I savoring them?

4.     Am I busy judging others?  Judgment is a form of fear that takes you out of alignment, away from you best self.

5.     Am I treating my body with the respect it deserves?  Motion drives good emotions, am I taking time to relax, exercise, eat, sleep adequately, and drink plenty of water?

The antidotes to each of the five questions should be obvious to you and you instinctively know what if any changes you should be making.  So now, what’s holding you back?   A little detour from your path never spells failure.  Enjoy the journey!


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