Dreams Need Action


Take Action. Take Action Again, Again, and Again.

Dreaming is good, very good. Dreaming births creativity. Everyone should nurture and cherish their dreams.

Some people are expert Dreamers. They possess exquisite imagination and may sit around and dream and dream all day long. They share their dreams with others telling them, “I’m going to do this!” or “I’m going to do that!” So far, so good, but what then? What if they never act on their dreams and nothing ever actually happens?

Dreaming without action is like “all talk and no walk,” It is virtually useless – a waste of valuable time and energy.

Action oxygenates the creativity of dreams. It keeps our dreams active and alive. In fact, passion without continuing action surrounding it dies. Action takes us into new scenarios and fuels our creative flames to burn even higher and brighter. Don’t worry about taking the perfect action to fuel your dreams, any action will do. And don’t concern yourself with accomplishing everything all at once – a little action in your desired direction will do just fine.

Have at it!


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