Six Healthy Holiday Eating Tips


Eating too much of the wrong foods during the Holidays not only add weight, but weaken your immune system making you apt to get sick in the New Year. Here are some sage tips you may want to employ as you approach the Holidays. With a modicum of control, you will still enjoy delights and your body will thank you!

  1.   Moderate the alcohol if you drink and more than ever, be sure to hydrate.
  2.   Don’t go to parties hungry. Eat a handful of vegetables or fruits before. They support healthy blood sugar levels and make you less apt to gravitate to the fats and sweets.
  3.   Eat slowly and enjoy the taste. Eat mindfully starting with the salads and vegetables before attacking the entrees and desserts.
  4.   When not partying, don’t skip meals and be sure to include high-fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits to satisfy your hunger and health.
  5.   Take smaller portions and monitor your hunger. Pause a few minutes before going back for that extra helping to see if you’re really that hungry.
  6.   Eliminate any “Third Helpings” and “One For The Road.”



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