What Separates Amazing People From The Rest?


(Image by Josh Hild) 

Okay, just what does separate the truly amazing people we admire from possibly you or me? I maintain the answer is simply “imagination” – their expansive vision and acting upon it. Everything in human existence has come from a spark of imagination – the wheel, air conditioning, computers, plumbing, printing press, flight, language, relationships, abstract concepts, and I could go on indefinitely.

We all have an imagination and likely exercise it many times a day., but could we do better with essentially no extra effort or risk. Yes! What if you were to explode your imagination way beyond the mundane and boundaries of the known? Don’t worry, you can’t make a mistake, but just allow your mind to explore further than you have previously.

If you are a golfer, imagine breaking 100 or par or even 60 for 18 holes. Imagine attracting that wonderful match of a spouse, nailing an audition, or being the very best in your field. If you are experiencing health or financial opportunities, close your eyes and imagine yourself freely bouncing in health and abundance. No matter what your current role, relationship or situation, again close your eyes and imagine something new and better. Don’t hold back, but imagine big, no make that hugely gigantic. If you are now doing that, how has your body suddenly changed? Is it lighter, more expansive, liberated? Keep imagining. Now a smile might be creasing your entire face.

Imagining a more confident, more abundant, more loving you. Hypnotherapists use this language so why not you?

If you look for them, there are hosts of imagination, dream-killers out there, but why allow outsiders to make your life small? While get infected with their pain and limitation? You were created here to live big, to learn and grow, and to finish strong. In any movie or contest, aren’t we always inspired by the person who overcomes the outsiders or odds, who imagines big, and then takes inspired action? And yes, temporary failure happens an awful lot. Most quit. Perhaps you and I have, but just once again IMAGINE. Imagine bouncing back, creating new possibilities creates exciting new vibrations and energy. Don’t limit yourself with old stories, negative memories, or pain; this is your chance to create and it’s never too late.

Find an imagination/dream no matter how bodacious and keep revisiting it. Face in that direction and dare to take a step. And while you’re doing so, why not encourage others to more fully imagine? Those we admire either intuitively or consciously have done that – they’re dreamers and sharers. Again remember that everything around you developed by mankind first started in someone’s imagination followed by inspired action.

Songwriter/musician John Lennon knew the value of Imagination. Think of his song and again close your eyes and imagine. Revisit the words of Martin Luther King’s speech of “I have a dream.” Or consider the lives of Tesla, Edison, Disney, etc. The sports and arts are populated with the best dreamers with expansive imaginations. So are the worlds of ancestors, parents, neighbors and the disabled who grew by exercising uncommon imagination. This might just be the most important effort you can do in your entire life. Their imaginations overcame obstacles. Now imagine if everyone just expanded their imagination by a tiny 1%, what as a species we could accomplish? What a gift that would be. That, of course, can’t happen until you do, so why not start now. Imagine that!

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