Going From Invisible to Invincible

What did you come here to do and are you getting it done?


Sounds like a simple question doesn’t it? It speaks to our life’s purpose – what are we inspired to do? This is not some fancy esoteric question, but rather a simple key that can unlock your pathway to powerful fulfillment.


If you want to go from invisible to invincible, you must first own who you are. If you don’t, who will? Most people live the majority of their life in a state of reaction, a sleeping state at that! Reacting to whatever life throws us takes no ownership, but is more of a reflexive action that you are unconscious of – a form of sleep. Then when the winds of life buffet us around, we assume the hurt mode of a victim – or that life is tough. This is not a new trend, but rather the product of many, many generations of experience passed along. Sadly the message is a disempowering one.


Life is not about reaction, but a life well lived is about creation. It goes back to my initial question, “What did you come here to do and are you getting it done?”


So I will ask you a second question. Where is your focus? Do you focus upon love or the many cousins of fear? Are you playing a form of invisibility so as to not get hurt or are you focused upon what you want in life?


As we review the events of our day, here are two relevant questions to ask. What did you have the most fun doing today and what are you looking forward to tomorrow? Maybe you are working three jobs, tending to children and a parent, and have financial challenges and bad health, but there are the smiles, the beauty around us, and many other things to notice and be grateful for if we only look. No matter what your circumstances, there are things to appreciate and things to look forward to. So what is your focus?


If you want to become invincible, there are a few more brief questions you will want to answer. What is your purpose or brand? Do you bring happiness or joy?  How about fun? Do you teach, train, process, help, console, or lead? What are you inspired to do? And what are your gifts, your talents, your passion?


The next question is crucial – where are you putting your focus? If you experience pain, frustration, or the like, it’s most likely because your focus is not directed toward your purpose and gifts. You are likely back in that sleepy reactionary mode. The often-quoted statement by Joseph Campbell runs true: “Follow your bliss.”


This bliss can be found by anyone in any circumstances, but you have to wake up and become aware of yourself and your surroundings if you want to find it. It won’t be delivered by some outside agency. The answers all rest within us. Isn’t it time to have the courage to ask yourself these questions?


When you take ownership of your life and re-examine your gifts and purpose, and then take charge of your focus and attention and follow up with inspired action, you will discover an invincible power that may have gone dormant or undiscovered, and a deliciously exciting journey will unfold before you. Inspiration comes when you actively create and take charge of your life and put your focus there. Enjoy the ride!

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