If you are seeking power, fame, or wealth, that can be an exciting, appealing journey for 20-30 years, but eventually you will become disappointed. Houses, jewelry, artwork, fancy toys, and money over a certain amount don’t equate to happiness let alone fulfillment. That is not to say the chase toward excellence, service, and growth may not kick off some of those benefits. My point is to not be romanced by the siren’s call of power, wealth, or fame.

My experience along with studies on the subject reveal that the wealthiest people as a group are among the most unhappy, most miserable folks on the planet. They must constantly and fearfully guard themselves and their possessions, are suspicious of other’s intentions, and can’t take their toys with them. While receiving attention may seem like fun, it gets old fast. It soon can turn into a lack the privacy to enjoy life in simple and unobtrusive ways. As far as money goes, beyond a certain level, one’s bank account adds nothing to the happiness equation. Those who have been on the power, fame, and wealth treadmill are regulars to the therapists couches and feel the pressure to look and be perfect.

Our treasures lie within each of us. Sooner or later, love, inner freedom, and contentment will be all you need for fulfillment and happiness, and are within the grasp of all. They are states of mind that money, power, and fame will never buy. Great experiences can be created in even the most unlikely places. While it may be fun to fantasize about power, fame, or wealth, any older wise person will advise you to cultivate the garden of your own mind and soul before looking outward. The keys to happiness are available to everyone!

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