What Are A Dozen Really Quick Ways To Instant Wisdom?

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Maybe with age comes wisdom. Attending my 50th Reunion from High School a few years back, many of my cohorts seemed a quite a bit wiser, but who wants to wait that long?

Okay, I will admit that wisdom is not like a light switch you can turn on and become instantly wise, so apologies for the bravado of the title, but there are at least a dozen hacks in more than one form that can expedite your path.

#1. It’s TRAVEL.

You may be quick to point out that it takes time and money to be able to travel, to which I would concur, but hear me out. 

Unless you are traveling simply to quickly fulfill a bucket list mindlessly charging past points on the globe and not displaying any curiosity for the places you are visiting while also not observing how others think and do, travel can be extremely illuminating. Not only can you discover the ‘what,’ but also the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of other’s lives. That will open up your thinking to all sorts of possibilities you would never realize if you stayed at home living the same rinse-and-repeat life cycle of the same locality, groups, activity, information, etc. Perhaps viewing how the world is outside your area may not ultimately change your beliefs, but you will have a much better foundation than before.

So what if you are currently unable to travel? Here are eleven other ways that if you are able to read this, you can ‘virtually travel’ and more quickly gain wisdom.Visit your local library and become an expert in what it can offer you.

  1. Read Books
  2. Listen To TED Talks
  3. Listen To Informational Podcasts
  4. Watch Documentaries
  5. Join Heathy Learning or Hobby Groups 
  6. Engage With Those Who Are Different
  7. Volunteer For A Charity — Serve Others
  8. Critically Stream Information From Television, Radio, Phone, etc.
  9. Respectfully Question Authority
  10. Question Your Own Beliefs & Assumptions
  11. Meet New People & Be Curious About Them

Of course, all these sources are subject to error, bias, misinformation, or fraud. Some are outright toxic. Check to see who might be funding any information source. Be open, thoughtful, curious, and questioning. You see that while traveling may be one of the quickest ways to grow your wisdom, you can ‘travel’ within your neighborhood to also accomplish so much.

P.S. I am reminded that of the claim that you can also gain wisdom by “tripping,” but those plant-based medicinal mixtures are a form of travel for another time…

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