Tell a Different Story

Everything that comes to you comes by the power of your thought. You are the only one who creates your experience. If there are changes you would like to initiate, it will be worthwhile to begin telling a different story about them. This can apply to your health, relationships, career, finances, golf game, love life or about anything that’s been troubling you.

As you begin to more positively focus, beginning to feel good about things, you will begin to feel the power that creates God, source energy, or power flowing through.

Do you think you could change your non-operating story? Would you? If yes, then when?   How about now?

One Response to “Tell a Different Story”

  1. Dana

    You can always change your story in any way that you want. You control your own life. If you want to be happy you can be, if you want to make your life worst, you have all the choices in this world. You drive your own destiny. I believe in God of course. I believe in his ways, but it should always accompanied with actions to make your life more meaningful.

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