A Cure For Worry



Do you find yourself preoccupied with the past and worried about the future?


For many, it’s how they encounter every waking moment.


That leaves one glaring question: “What about right now?”



Whatever you’re doing right now will dictate the results you gain in the moments ahead. Right now is the only time you can actually control; the past is over and the future will be dictated by your “now.”


Today, try something different. Focus on the power of now. Don’t let the now miss you. Forgive whatever bad happened in your past and stop obsessing about the future. Remember that what happens in the future is actually dictated by your current actions.


So ask yourself this simple question: “What can I do in this moment to impact me in the way I am looking for?”


By answering and acting upon this simple question you immediately improve your future. For the moment procrastinate your worry and simply respond in a loving considerate way to moments as they occur.


Do it.  Focus on the now. Become aware of your actions and the impacts that they have now. Don’t worry about being perfect and be patient with yourself. And finally, find reasons to be happy about your journey.


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