10 Top Ways to Succeed Quicker:

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1.                  Become more self-aware.
 Observe yourself and take note of what is working and what is not, and then adjust accordingly. Track your progress. Allocate time daily, weekly, and monthly to do this. Taking the same path without checking to make sure it’s your right direction will not lead you to achieving your goals and the ultimate success you deserve.


2.                  Imitate the best in others you admire. Model those traits, habits, strategies, and procedures that others have used that might also help you get where you want to go.


3.                  Create new, more positive habits. Forget about trying to break a bad habit, just start a new one instead. Your life is a series of habits. If you keep doing the same thing, you can surely expect the same results, not a recipe for achieving goals.


4.                  Take responsibility for all that happens to you and persist.  You need to be responsible and take full ownership for the success or failure of your goals. Business and life will get in the way, but you need to accept what is yours. Make the necessary choices to move forward no matter how difficult.


5.                   Take “baby steps” and be patient. Break down tasks and work into small increments. Little steps lead to big results if persistently followed. Therefore, you must execute daily toward your goal if only a little. Create processes to help you work in daily and even hourly increments.


6.                   Set boundaries and learn to say “No.” Others may seek to interrupt you, but don’t be afraid to be assertive and ask them to respect them. Thoughtfully and politely declining requests can go a long way toward freeing up more time and keeping your energy focused upon your intentions.


7.                  Ask for help. Yes, it’s not a sign of weakness and it is okay to ask for help. Few things of real significance are accomplished alone. You can’t always make it on your own and requesting support from your peers, partners and family can pave the way and help overcome hurdles to your success.


8.                  Put systems in place in place to support you. From scheduling your day to having a circle of advisors to mentor and monitor you, you will want to have systems and routines that help you re-enforce good new habits and stay on track. Ask yourself what is the best and highest use of my time and talents?


9.                  Learn from your mistakes. Along the way you are going to make mistakes and experience detours. Each is a blessing in disguise if you only view them that way. Be observant, patient, and most of all self-forgiving. Learn and move forward.


10.                 Remember to monitor and respond to all aspects of your own health and vitality. That should include your physical health and energy as well as your relationships, finances, mental, spiritual, and emotional health as well. Run out of energy, balance, and loving, creative thinking, and your progress will cease.


Now take some action. Start with item number one, and choose the main reason that is currently holding you back. Take action on it now. Review the rest of this list daily. Before you know it, you will have moved far forward!






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