What Belching Can Teach Us


For many reading this, expressing a loud belch during or after eating is a sign of extreme rudeness. Did you know that in some cultures a hearty belch signifies that you enjoyed your meal?  Like our different views on belching, we have even many more as to how we communicate. Yes, as much as we are similar, we as people do indeed have our differences, and our ability to communicate (voice, listen, AND understand) can resolve so many problems such as war and hunger.

When we begin to focus on the process of better communications with all its nuances and our inherent differences, I believe that we will open ourselves up to many new opportunities. The old competition model is badly outdated. In its place are collaboration, communication, and cooperation. As we evolve as a species, this will be a critical tool in our progress or lack of it.  Inevitably we have many more commonalities than differences, but it is a better understanding of and response to those differences that will speed us along that path.

Did I just hear a belch?


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