Dealing With and Overcoming Your Negative Thoughts

Your negative thoughts can wage an internal war within your head in life, sports, and business.  We’ve been programmed to fear them as bad and immediately try to rid ourselves of them.  Here is a somewhat different tactic you might take when you encounter a negative thought.

First cup your head with your hands and bless that thought and ask yourself if there is anything whatsoever in that thought that I can use?  You can say, “Bless my thoughts.”  Resisting the thought backfires for what you resist persists and you still have it.

Don’t get mad at that thought because that just makes it stronger and takes you out of alignment with your best or highest self.  Treat that negative thought like a little child – with loving patience.  You love and bless them, and you don’t send them away in fear or anger.  Do the same with your troubling thoughts.  By giving the negative thought positive energy it starts to dissolve.  Instead of exercising our automatic “asleep” response of fear and anger, you send these thoughts loving and blessing energy.  You are not trying to force them to go away nor are to trying to force them to stay.  You are living your life in a more aware, awake mode.

I don’t subscribe to all of the tenets of some of the “positive thinkers.”  Sometimes it pays to tackle an issue rather than to ignore it.  While we may want to focus upon the positive and what we do want, versus the negative and what we don’t want, we also get better results by being “real” and shining the light on the negative, but in a loving, healing, non-judgmental manner.  As you practice love, even toward the dark parts of yourself you actually begin to dissipate the negative thoughts at their very source.  On the other hand, when you become upset, judgmental, and impatient with yourself, you feed your fears and create more and more negative thoughts.  Be patient and forgiving with yourself as this process may take time for you, but you may just discover that works better.

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