Overcoming Negative Emotions & Problems By Waking Up


All of our energy whether it be our thoughts, feelings, or resulting emotions occurs either by choice or default.  When we are truly awake, our responses to any situation are the result of conscious choices, and conversely when we are asleep in a figurative sense, they are more like reflex actions or habits.


When we wake up and become conscious of our feelings and array of choices, we can then realize that we have an infinite variety of responses to any situation.  Being awake is another way to describe being aware.  By becoming increasingly aware of our energy, both good and bad, we can consciously make awake conscious decisions that work better for us.  Being asleep, our old programs, stories, and reflex actions take place and we perpetuate the status quo.


We know that everything is energy.  Our emotions are energy too, and a blessed bio-feedback mechanism.  Our emotions are a guide, a reference point telling us how we our are focusing your attention.  Blindly forcing a positive mental attitude on top of negative emotion is a disregard for the information our emotional guidance system is trying to show us.  We are out of alignment and that doesn’t feel good.  There’s an all important element missing in the equation.  What’s the missing element? It’s your emotions.  More specifically, it’s the disregard of your emotions as information.


Feeling fear, anxiety, anger (or any negative emotion) and then going into action anyway is a poor use of our energy.  The results we get won’t be as satisfying, if we get results at all.  Faking it until you make it might fool some people and last in the short term, but you can’t fool Mother Nature.  We can’t fool the Universe with inauthentic (misaligned) action or energy.


Aligned energy and actions are things that feel good when we do them.  It feels like you’re going with the flow, rather than bucking the current.  It’s like driving and getting green lights all day long.


Anytime you uncover a bad feeling, it is a prompt for you to go back and review the underlying belief.  You can always change, modify, or alter that belief.  Is that belief even truly yours or did you inherit or glean it by mistake?   When the pain becomes great enough you more likely will change your belief or continue your suffering.  You can also seek someone to help you do this if the task seems to daunting, but the point is that you always have options regarding how you will approach and respond to everything that life presents you.


As you plan all your goings and doings for the day, keep in mind how you want to feel through it all.  What do you intend to accomplish and how do you want to feel?  By simply calling to mind your intentions before you take action, you send a powerful energy current in advance of your actions.  Consciously doing this you demonstrate that you are truly awake.   Try it.  You’re going to like it because it really works.

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