Ten Steps For Leveraging Adversity – Working With Your Team


As a leader, you might invite adversity. No, of course I don’t mean sabotaging things to create havoc, but nothing can build a team like adversity. Team members will learn to rely on one another as they discover and implement new strategies.

Let people in. Rather than making decisions behind closed doors where newer members never realize the growth involved in weighing options and consequences, bring people in. Let them also wrestle with the problem, offer solutions, and they will likely be more committed to acting in unison. Leverage this opportunity to build your team.

This way you can give your people an opportunity to prove themselves and you can note which members have greater leadership potential. Your people will feel needed, important, and stimulated, and remember that high-achievers need that stimulation.

Here is what you can do to prepare and complete the crisis situation.

1.  Brace yourself for the spotlight when crisis hits.

2.  Don’t isolate yourself. If you are a leader, your people need to see you in action.

3.  Set clear expectations and priorities.

4.  Define what a “win” looks like.

5.  Priorities can change so keep re-evaluating the situation frequently.

6.  Don’t worry about having incomplete information, for a crisis situation seldom gives you the time to have “enough” information. Concern yourself more with the information that you do have.

7.  Utilize your key people to help you process information and make timely decisions.

8.  Set up who will be accountable for follow-up and communicate to the group.

9.  Follow-up.

10.  Prepare now.

Leading from the heart with a steady head and integrity surrounded by others of the same ilk will prepare you and them for the challenging times!


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