Judge Not


Most all of us tend to judge ourselves or others from time to time, but resist that urge.

Judgment is a cousin of fear – it takes us out of alignment with our best or highest self. Comparing ourselves or others leads to a limiting, confining lot that focuses upon what is wrong with them or ourselves. That encourages condemnation upon others and ourselves – a fear-related emotion.

On the other hand, simply observing or reporting upon others or events does not have the same unintended results. Reporting or observing without judgment doesn’t mean approval nor does it mean we tolerate whatever comes our way, but it does connote acceptance of what is, a characteristic of “going with the flow.” Acceptance of what is sets the table for growth.

It’s also quite permissible to be discriminating. Be aware of what energies, behaviors, and characteristics resonate with you and which do not. Yes, it is very reasonable to keep people, forces, and things that you do not want away from you, and want to attract those that do.

Life without judgment, and one with truth and acceptance minimizes stress and opens up for love. How might you create your own world of love?




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