Avoid This Big Strategic Business Trap – Misplaced Attention



Passionate enthusiastic folks can often gravitate toward running a business. In the grips of their enthusiasm, they are apt to fall in love with their product, perhaps their service, or their company. That is misdirected love. While everyone should be passionate about these aspects, there is a more strategically effective love – that of your clients.


And your clients don’t just include your external customers, but just as importantly if not more so, your work associates and vendors. There are stockholders (owners), external customers, and your employee/vendors. I maintain that if you love and serve your employee/vendors in an outstanding way, your external customers will be delighted, and the owner group will be aptly gratified and rewarded.


Previously I had debated this question in my own mind, but no more. I experienced this first hand working for Southwest Airlines. Founder Herb Kelleher put the employees and vendors always in the forefront realizing that they would then create superior service and raving fans for the airline. This strategy worked and the business has enjoyed extraordinary long-term success. And did you also know that Southwest Airlines is one of the most heavily unionized companies in the airline industry? Kelleher partnered with the Unions too, those that others might term as adversaries and it has worked in spades!


Being in love with your client/work associates means assuming responsibility for their well-being, even ahead of your own. What benefits and value are you providing this group? The more value you provide others, the more value you generate. Renowned business advisor Jay Abraham states it well. “The more contributions you make to the richness of the lives of your clients, the more bonded you will be to them and they to you. And the more successful you will become.”


If you are effectively reaching this client/work associate group, they will clearly realize your focus, that being “You matter. Your continued well-being is important to me.” If there is any confusion on this point, simply ask them.  If they don’t clearly perceive this from you, you will have to make changes, but it is best to position your focus and that love and passion to that of your internal (and external) clients. With that energy, you will indeed become an agent of powerfully productive change.


So right this moment, how would those affected by the work or service you do, rate your devotion to them?


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