Sales Success – Pitching, Catching & the Four C’s and S’s

Do you have a great sales pitch?  It works better if you are a “catcher.” Successful sales people don’t make sales pitches, they are catchers. They ask relevant questions, listen carefully, and catch the answers. They build rapport. People buy from people that they relate to and trust. It’s seldom about the product, price, or your organization; it’s more about the “You” factor.

Yes, the sales professional still needs to have product knowledge, but there are four “C’s” that apply to successful selling: caring, communicating, controlling the process, and concluding the sales process. Caring means doing wheat is right for the customer (not manipulating). Communicating involves asking questions and discovering what the prospect’s points of pain or possibilities are. The customer needs your help so the sales professional will want to control the process. Not every presentation involves a close, but there is a conclusion. Either one does close or understands why not they didn’t and what should be the next step.

The selling process is essentially being responsible for developing communication, building a trustful rapport, and then creating satisfaction, solution, support, and stimuli to the prospect. When selling we are uncovering the needs of a prospect as they see it through their experience, with our help. It is not about manipulation; it’s about solving another’s problem. Do you go all the way with this or do you go part of the way through this process? Are you a dues paying member of the “211 Club?” Water boils at 212 degrees, but many give so much and come so close, but never take that extra step to make things boil and close the sale. Review how you observe each of these steps to assure you make your sales process sizzling hot!

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