A Simple Way to Eliminate Negative Golf Self-Talk

Negative self-talk or “monkey chatter” has long been know to destroy not only a round of golf, but many a day and life as well.  So how do you silence it?   In fact, you can choose to make any round a great experience, or any day a great day.

Are you telling yourself what a great player you are, how you seem to manage a great shot or recovery when the stakes are high or the chips are down, or how you can hit any shot when called for?  Or are you reminding yourself about how far behind you are from your golfing dreams, how you seem to always fail, or about the bad parts of your game simply because you aren’t very good?  If you have said yes to the latter scenario, I have good news.  You can change that negative self-talk at any time, especially if you are willing to believe that you can.

Here is a little exercise to eliminate that negative self-talk. Take a piece of paper and write down the qualities and life of the person you aspire to be.  This will be your script.  Then record yourself reading your script and listen to it every morning before you start your day, preferably before you get out of bed.

Here’s two examples of what you can include in your script that start in general terms, but can be easily expanded to include any part of your golf experience:

Today I will remember that I and only I choose my thoughts, and I am in total control of my thoughts.  So if I have a negative thought, I can replace it with something better that supports me.

“Good morning, {your name}. It’s a wonderful new day, full of awesome possibilities.  And I’m going to have a great day. I want to start the day by feeling gratitude for a few things that are going well in my life {list a few things}.

Use your imagination, but just buy into the fact that any such statements should be believable to you, routed in truth.  If you are not where you want to be, you can always add the phrase, “in the process of…” These are not affirmations about something that you want to be true, but conflict in your mind with your current situation.  When you say that you are choosing something, there is no mental conflict.

Record your message with a smile on your face and enthusiasm.  And fake it if you must.  By continually listening to your recording in your own voice first thing every day, you will be programming your mind with supportive, positive ideas. Over time, this will sink in to your psyche and begin to supplant that negative self-talk.

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