Ten Ways to Blossom in Retirement



Many of us look forward to the day we retire, but also many don’t have a plan or lifestyle that will work for them for very long. Here are ten habits or perspectives that are worth considering if you value a fruitful and healthy retirement.

Exercise. Walking is your best bet as is swimming. Exercise is one of the most important aspects to staying young and healthy.

Find your purpose. If you don’t already have a hobby, find one – something that will give you purpose. Volunteering is a wonderful option. It’s been estimated that people with a purpose live seven years longer than those who don’t.

Socialize. Those that live long lives typically have a group of friends, albeit increasingly younger ones with whom they find positive influences.

Eat sensible portions.  There are sizeable populations that subscribe to the 80% rule. That is to eat only until they are 80% full.

Watch what you eat. Eat more vegetables and fewer sugars, and do not eat late in the day.

Exercise your mind. Whether reading, doing puzzles, writing, or something else. Mental stimulation keeps your brain younger and healthier.

Have a de-stressing ritual. Prayer, meditation, a nap, or even a one-drink “happy hour” with friends can do wonders.

Practice gratitude. Rather than spending your time worrying about finances, children, or the state of the world, find things to be happy and grateful about.

Find a community to be a part of. Belonging where people care about you and you care about them can be very powerful.

Put loved ones first. The more love you give away to others (family, neighbors, etc.), the more you get back. Researchers estimate this factor can add six years to your life expectancy.



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