Stepping Up to Leadership – Five Quick Questions



Interview any truly great leader and they will all quickly share that “greatness” is achieved through others. While there may be many leadership styles, there are some common denominators. Each involves relationships with people, and we are reminded that leadership invites criticism and conflict – and is not easy. Here are five quick questions to ask yourself to see how you stand out as a leader. And remember, we are all leaders in some realm, if only of ourselves.

Are you a visionary?

Do you have a vision? Is it worthy of you and your organization? Is your vision clear and understandable to those you lead? No one will long follow someone who doesn’t know where they are going.

Are you an empathizer?

Thousands of interviews have registered that followers identify four core values that great leaders make them feel: compassion, stability, trust, and hope. Do you?

Are you a communicator?

Beyond being understandable, do you provide feedback, coaching, and compliments? Are you tight with information or do you generally share it? Can you admit to a mistake? Are people welcome to and feel good communicating with you?

Are you a fun person?

If you believe that leading through intimidation still works, you’re a dinosaur. Today’s leaders utilize humor and invite fun into the workplace to create motivation and enhance productivity. Do you provide people with the freedom to fail? This doesn’t mean you have to be a comedian, but do you take yourself lightly or not?

Are you the best you can be?

Do you have balance in your life or are you a workaholic destined to be removed from your company feet-first? Do you walk the talk? Do you have a network to whom you can turn to for help? Are YOU being the change you hope to see in your organization?





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