Don’t Wait For Your Soulmate


Are you between relationships?

Want to attract that special soulmate? Don’t wait for a soulmate in order to have the life you want; get out there and create it now! Behave the way you would if you already had your soulmate. Be that person you want to attract and be that person right now. By getting into that mode, you will also better emanate the energy that will attract this special person.

Often my single clients may be in a state of transition between relationships and they will share with me about what their life will look like once they find a special partner or soulmate. They describe trips they will take, the things they will do and buy, the people they will meet, the parties they will throw — and I could go on. People don’t realize that by waiting to do these things, they are essentially putting their life on hold. Not only that, when you do meet a potential suitor, the main energy that this person will feel is that you have hit the pause button and are more passive, and they will not be as attracted to you.

Don’t look for anyone to make things right for you, but rather allow them to be the “icing on the cake.” Live that passionate life now. Pursue that new hobby, interest, new skill or adventure right now. In the meantime, if you do so, you will likely be happier and you will be putting forth a much different and attractive energy. When you do meet that special someone, they will be attracted to the passionate person living an exciting life –You!

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