What Money Can and Cannot Buy?

It can be argued that money can buy a better view, greater influence, easier travel, and perhaps more options like a better attorney or superior healthcare in some circumstances, but that’s only a handful. “Education” is debatable now with knowledge and resources so accessible and pervasive. Perhaps you might add the material things like a yacht or fancy car, expensive clothes, a better-appointed house, status symbols, conveniences or the like, but how many can you take with you? How many really last? And how many mean that much to you on your deathbed?

Don’t mistake me, there is nothing inherently wrong with money, and it can resolve many surface problems, but let’s not confuse it with true wealth. Money simply represents an exchange of energy and when set in its highest purpose comes to those who are successful in providing the most service/improvement of some sort to the most others (inspiration, entertainment, convenience, improvement, cost or time savings, etc.), though many can be of immense service and never reap money. Just don’t become enticed by its sexy and glamorous allure – something the media jams into your face at every opportunity. There’s depression, fear, and disappointment associated with money, and success rarely equates to fulfillment. (I coach successful people helping them open-wide the doors to fulfillment.)

Here is a listing of some really more impressive things that money cannot buy. In fact, you don’t even need money to assume most of these.

1.  Lasting Friendship

2.  Happiness

3.  Respect

4.  Love

5.  Trust

6.  Class

7.  Kindness

8.  Empathy

9.  Faith

10. Manners

11. Morals

12. Character

13. Patience

14. Wisdom

15. Charity

16. Humility

17. Persistence

18. Common Sense

19. Health

20. Humor

21. Spiritual Connection

22. Fulfillment

Perhaps you can add many more. While I consider it no sin to have money like some do today, which side of the Life’s Ledger would you truly prefer be stronger on? Give up the impulse to compare yourself to others, and don’t assume that those with much money have much more than you. Find something today to be happy and grateful about!


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