Aggressive Listening

Are you an aggressive listener or do you tend to be a passive one? Most of us are passive listeners if we listen at all. Good communications or the lack of it affects every relationship, be it personal, business, or family situations, and it can also enhance or destroy negotiations of every sort.

Aggressive listening does not mean that you focus only upon what is being said, but also how things are communicated. Communication is between people. Though that may sound like an obvious statement, how often do you carefully read the feelings of the other person communicating? Quiet your own mind. Cease considering what or how you will reply. Instead, really go beyond the sounds and observe the body language and expressions of the sender. Put yourself in their place. Study the communicator and you will may discover all kinds of insights, helping you better relate and avoid misunderstandings.

Listen with your heart, which also means listening with your eyes and intuition. It requires much energy to do that, but the benefits are fantastic.

Choose to be an aggressive listener today!

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